Microsoft is ending support for IIS6 functionality and this means that IT Services will be shutting down servers running IIS6 in July.  IT Services has scheduled the transfer of current IIS6 web sites to a new server during May and June.

The Web Support Team will be contacting site owners to discuss this process and to arrange the transfer.  The outline plan is to work as follows:

  • First the IIS6 site will be migrated to a IIS7 development server for the owner to check if it is working as expected.
  • Should this be successful, we will agree a cut-off date for site updates after which changes made will not be copied to the new live server.
  • We will transfer the site to the live server, and again site owners will check if it is working as expected.

We understand that some sites may have changed ownership since set up, if you are responsible for a site and it is on this server, or if you are not sure and you want to check, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to with the subject line FAO WST.

Some sites have not been updated for a long time, so this is a good opportunity for owners to inform us if they no longer require their site. We will then arrange for them to be archived.

Where we have difficulty in contacting the owner of a site we will do our best to identify them by following this up with the appropriate Head of Department and/or via the IT Supporters.

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