As part of our response to recent email problems, IT Services will be moving staff mailboxes to new storage hardware. Due to the number of mailboxes this process will take several months to complete.

During this time staff email services will continue running normally for the majority of users and while a mailbox is being moved there will be no impact to service. At the end of a move, a mailbox will briefly become inaccessible while the work completes and the system reconfigures itself to the new storage, although new emails will be delivered as normal.

The completions will be scheduled out of hours to minimise impact.

Once the mailbox move has completed if the client has been left open you may be asked to restart your email program. Users of outlook may receive the following message:

If you receive this you should restart Outlook.

In the event of any other problems the first course of action should be to restart your email program, but in the event of further difficulties you should contact its-help on ext 6262.

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