Microsoft have announced that they are making changes to the way that SkyDrive is providing personal cloud storage for students who are using readingLive.We have discussed this with Microsoft, who have published a blog with more information about the changes and why they have occurred.

All students should have already received a notification about the changes as part of the consumer service and those who have already made use of their SkyDrives areĀ entitled to a free upgrade back to 25GB of storage space for a limited time. Microsoft have also made available an app for accessing SkyDrive from Windows and Apple iOS based smartphones.

There’s a “Manage Storage” link on the bottom of the left-hand menu that’ll take you straight to the place to do the ‘upgrade’ if the main SkyDrive bit doesn’t prompt to do so.

IT Services would like to remind you that the University of Reading does not recommend the use of SkyDrive for storage of coursework and personal data as per the readingLive webpage on this.


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