Important information regarding your University username

If you have completed your course and are leaving this summer, then your IT username/emailaddress will be blocked soon after the end of July 2012.

After this time you will be unable to access your University username, email and files stored on your network drive (drive N:) or any files you may have saved on your SkyDrive.

You can set up your username to forward any new email delivered to your University email address to a private email address for a minimum of 6 months after your account is completed.

If you have used your University email address to register for any external services, we advise that you update these.  For example for recruitment websites or your CV.

Files and old email that you wish to keep should be copied from your account before it is disabled.

See the “What Should I do next?” section below for advice on how to do this.

If you are returning to the University for another course or requiring an extension to your username, see important information in the section below.

What Should I do next?

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding MUST be set up before your university username is disabled. This forwarding will be active for a minimum of 6 months before it is removed.

Please note: Your forwarding information cannot be edited once your university username has been disabled and you will not be able to access your university mailbox.

Instructions on how to forward your email from readingLive please vist the page below:

readingLive Forwarding email

Instructions on how to forward your email from Webmail please visit the page below:

Files and archived email

You should ensure that you have taken copies of any files/emails that you wish to keep. Once your university username has been disabled, you will need permission from your department to retrieve files.

For information on taking your email with you, please see:

For readingLive – IMAP configuration information for readingLive

For Webmail – Webmail – Saving and Transferring (pdf)

For information on how to copy your files to CD, please see our documentation at:

Writing to CD (pdf)

(CD writers are available in most University PC facilities managed by IT Services, including S@IL)

Blackboard Content System

Please ensure that you have taken copies of any files you have stored in your ‘Fileshare’ tab and downloaded any portfolios you have created.

(see the previous section for instructions on how to copy files to CD)

It should be noted that some users have unfortunately experienced problems with the portfolio download facility in the past. These may not apply to you but if you should encounter such problems yourself, please contact Guy Pursey ( for assistance.

For any queries about your Blackboard content please contact

Students returning for a new course

Your existing account will be disabled and students returning to a new course in October will receive new details including a University username on registering for their new course. The new details will be used to access ITS facilities and have a new email address.

Students requiring extended academic access

If you require your University username after the end of July 2012 for academic work, please ask your tutor/supervisor to contact IT Services requesting an extension to your account; this needs to include how long you require access to University facilities.

For any queries about your university username and your access please contact



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