Changes to Suma3 (Main)

As some of you may be aware the maintenance on Suma3 is due to expire.  We are aiming to decommission the service 1st September.

Prior to this on Tuesday 3 July at 6pm we will be changing the IP address of suma3 (main) from to For the majority of users this change will be transparent and you will not need to do anything. However if you have the IP address of suma3 (main) hard-coded into a local hosts file on a PC or workstation then you will need to change this file on that evening.

If you access suma3 (main) via its IP address rather than the IP name then you will need to start using the new address.

There may be an interruption to service for about 10 minutes when the change takes place.

Further information about the decommissioning of Suma3 will be sent out later on in July.  If you are still using this service please could you let us know at its-help.

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