Decommissioning Suma3 aka ‘Main’

The University is decommissioning the remote access server “remote” and its central UNIX server “main” (aka “suma3”), and is replacing both with a more modern services.

•             Suma3 will be turned off 4th September 2012 at 18:00


If you currently use “remote” off campus then you should immediately switch to the upgraded SSH gateway service “sshgate”.  Further details can be found here


For software previously accessed via Suma3 please see below:


•             Fortran – Compilers are being installed on the new PC Lab image in Agriculture & Meteorology

•             Matlab – this will be moving to the Campus Grid

•             NAG – this will be moving to the Campus Grid

•             Uniras – this will be moving to the Campus Grid


Information on the Campus Grid and how the service can be access can be found here


We would be grateful if you could let us know of any problems you experience with using the new SSH Gateway service or have any feedback on the documentation produced.

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