Library Wifi upgrades

IT Services have been keenly aware of the feedback we have had from students about the level of wireless coverage in the library and have taken steps to improve this. This feedback has been in the form of Help tickets, national and local survey results and wifi feedback forms and it was clear that there was a serious issue to be resolved. 

Earlier this year, we upgraded our wireless controllers, which enabled us to view site issues at a greater level of detail. Then we surveyed the site, identified gaps and potential issues and as a result, this week, we have added fifteen new WiFi access points and relocated some of the existing ones.  Each access point is now connected at Gigabit speed back to the campus network, ensuring better sharing of bandwidth between users.

As follows, we have added two each on the ground and first floors, three each on the second and third floors and five on the fourth floor. The current total is now thirty access points in the building and when the fifth floor is returned to  student use, a further 3 more points will be added there.


If you are continuing to have issues with your wifi connection in the library, it is recommended that you set up your connection to use the ‘Eduroam’ SSID by following the instructions at If the connection still has problems after connecting to this, then please contact


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