IT Services has identified a potential security threat to our captive portal WiFi Network, UoR-Guest.

As a result of this, IT Services are changing the way that you connect to UoR-Guest on 18 December 2012 at 17:00, by requiring provision of a shared key in order to connect to the network. Once you are connected, UoR-Guest operates in the normal way.

As IT Services always recommend, you should attempt to connect to the Eduroam network in preference to UoR-Guest, as this has many benefits, including a more secure connection and international portability between institutions. By following our instructions, you can easily configure your device to connect to Eduroam.

Should you have a problem with connecting, you are welcome to come to the  IT Services Help Counter in the library, where our team are ready to help you connect to Eduroam.

If this still does not work, then we will help you connect to UoR-Guest using the pre-shared key.

For further information on connecting to Eduroam, please contact ITS Help.



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