We believe the recent iOS 6.1 update has been causing problems with our Microsoft Exchange email service. This appears to be caused by an issue with the way that Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads handle meeting requests.

This problems causes a large number of requests to the staff email servers and these can cause performance issues for other users of the service. Those affected can see prompts for usernames and passwords while the offending device repeatedly hits the service. We have seen evidence of this in the access logs on the servers.

On the iOS device itself, the user might see a large number of copies of the same appointment appear, although this has yet to be confirmed.

As a result of these issues we currently do not recommend that you upgrade to iOS 6.1.

If you have already upgraded and have experienced problems then we would recommend that you either:

  • power cycle your device or
  • recreate the connection with the staff email service

Both of these appear to fix the problem on the iOS device.

If this issue continues to affect the email service, then we will need to look at preventing access to devices that cause problems.

Apple have not yet acknowledged this problem, however further information can be found at:


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4 Replies to “Email Service issues”

  1. We have been carrying out further testing on this and have found that if you turn off the calendar synchronisation and re-instate it, that this seems to help with the issue.

    We certainly have seen improvements in indicative behaviours such as rapid battery usage on the iPhone 3GS where we have been able to test this.

    To turn off the calendar synchronisation in iOS6.1:

    • Go to Settings,
    • Select Mail, Contacts & Calendars
    • Select the appropriate account.
    • Go to Calendar
    • Switch it to ‘off’.
    • Wait for the system to disconnect, roughly a minute, then switch it back on again.

    Please note, some Vodafone customers have been contacted about installing 6.1.1 but this is specific only to the iPhone 4s.

  2. Apple are now likely to release iOS version 6.1.2 next week and we would recommend that all staff who are currently on 6.1 to upgrade.

    If you are not on iOS6 at this time, then it is at your discretion whether to upgrade.

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