Last Friday (15 Feb 2013) a phishing email was sent to a large number of staff at the University using a mocked up log-on page as below. This page caused a number of accounts to have been compromised and as a result a significant quantity of Spam has been sent from University servers. This can cause knock on effects, with our legitimate email being marked as Spam. If you receive an email that looks like the picture below, delete it immediately. Do not open it and do not click on any links in it. This is not from IT Services.
Phishing email
We are currently involved in attempting to track down compromised accounts as they are used, but if you think that you may have entered your credentials in these sites, then we would recommend that you change your password as soon as possible. Passwords are an important way of authenticating and should be protected. If they have been used then you may find that your email and more has been accessed and maliciously used.

See our information on phishing at:

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