IT Services will not support Windows XP beyond Microsoft’s withdrawal of security update support after 8 April 2014. This also applies to Office 2003.

The Microsoft announcement that Windows XP and Office 2003 will no longer be supported beyond 8 April 2014 can be found on their product support lifecycle page.

After April 2014, Windows XP based machines will not be supported in accessing University of Reading resources and services. In case of indicated security breaches, from that date they will be removed from the network.

If you will need to continue to use Windows XP beyond the deadline, it is recommended that you discuss how to quarantine these systems with IT Services as soon as possible.

IT Services recommend that all computers should be running our stable Windows 7 and Office 2010 setup. It is our recommendation that if you are currently running Windows XP or Office 2003, that you contact your IT Supporter or IT Services via ITS Help to discuss your options to update or replace your system before this deadline.

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