AppGrad is not approved for use with University of Reading IT Systems and should not be used. It is not associated with the University of Reading.

It is our understanding that this product requests you store your login credentials on their service, which is a breach of the University Acceptable Use Policy with particular reference to the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

“Sharing a username and password on the University system, without explicit arrangement with IT Services, constitutes an offence by both lender and borrower.”

IT Services have not been approached by this company and do not have an understanding of what security measures are in place to protect any details that may be entered. We do not know how credentials stored in this app may be used or who has access to them.

Furthermore, it is not clear whether this company or product complies with Data Protection Law in this country or the EU.

This service should not be used to access University resources. Additional information will be provided if this situation changes.


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