On 2 December 2013, there will be changes to how you connect to the Wi-Fi at the University of Reading. In order to keep in line with the recommendations of the Eduroam Federation, we will be changing the eduroam network to no longer support WPA-Enterprise encryption.

If you have used the old (and now deprecated) “Eduroam Easy Installer”, on your Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP3 system, it is now necessary for you to amend some configuration settings in order to continue to use eduroam after 2 December. We recommend that you make this change as soon as possible to make sure that access to Wi-Fi is uninterrupted. For Mac OS X, this change should be silent.

We have updated the configuration information for Wi-Fi access at the University and the system can auto-detect your operating system version, be it Windows, OS X or Linux and provide you with appropriate settings to get you connected. If that does not cover your system, then there are manual settings also available.  The manual settings cover devices such as those powered by Android, Symbian, Chrome OS, Kindles etc.

There is also information on the projected time line for the project to extend Wi-Fi coverage to all buildings at the Whiteknights campus, to renew the Greenlands campus Wi-Fi, and to extend coverage at London Road.

This page gives a brief overview of the deployment plan and status for each building. Please note the dates shown are estimated and are subject to change.


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