A centrally-funded project has been approved which will improve and update the data network infrastructure at the Greenlands site, and within a number of buildings on the main Whiteknights campus.  All the existing data network switches will be replaced with new, modern, feature-rich and environmentally sound equipment manufactured by HP Networking.

During the updates, it will be necessary to briefly interrupt the network connection for every device which is connected to the data network, in order to migrate the connections to the new equipment.  Unfortunately this interruption cannot be avoided and will affect internet access, desktop PCs, printers, Wi-Fi, buildings management and so on.

As part of the update at the Greenlands site, IT Services will be installing Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) devices which provide a battery backup to keep the data network equipment supplied with power for a period of approximately 30 minutes in the event of power loss or interruption to the site.  This will help staff, programme members and visitors to quickly return to work once the power has been restored, and also keep the Wi-Fi network available for the first thirty minutes of any power interruption.


The benefits that users of the data network will see are:

  • Improved resilience of the data network.
  • Improved bandwidth to key network resources such as network drives, the internet etc.
  • Much faster recovery of the data network after a total loss of power to the site.
  • Quieter environments where offices are shared with the data network equipment.
  • More streamlined office moves, as every data port will be connected by default.
  • More rapid response to change of use of data ports.

Green Impact

The equipment that is being installed includes a number of energy saving features which will be enabled by default.  These features, combined with the removal of the old, power-hungry equipment, will reduce the energy consumption of the data network at Greenlands by approximately one third.

The old data network switches that are being removed will be cleaned, serviced, cleared of all configurations, and then sold to a specialist company which recycles and resells used data network equipment.  As such, it is envisaged that there will be almost zero electronic equipment waste as a result of these updates.

Upgrade Plan

During the times shown, the data network should be considered at risk in each of the areas listed; however it is likely that there will be only a single interruption of between one and thirty minutes to network access for each device connected to the data network, during which it will not be possible to use network drives, email, printing, or the Internet.

Date Building / areas affected
Monday, 7 April AM Loddon, Windrush, Evenlode, Cherwell
Monday, 7 April PM Cherwell, Paddock House, East Lodge, Print Room
Tuesday, 8 April AM Print Room, Switchboard, Old Finance Building, Reception
Tuesday, 8 April PM Old Accounts Area
Wednesday, 9 April AM New Suite / Syndicate
Wednesday, 9 April PM Water Tower area
Thursday, 10 April AM Old HR area
Thursday, 10 April PM Engine House
Friday, 11 April River House Upper
Monday, 14 April River House Lower
Tuesday 15 April Hambleden
Tuesday 15 April PM Game House
Wednesday 16 April Kennet House
Tuesday 22 April North House
Wednesday 23 April PM Greenlands Trust Suite
Thursday 24 April ARC


On the evening of Tuesday, 22 April, IT Services will also be replacing the core network router which handles all network traffic for the Greenlands site.  During this work from 18:00 – 22:00, there will be significant disruption to all network services including network drives, email access, and Internet access.

For more information, please contact ITS-Help via the usual channels

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