By now you should be aware that some major changes are being introduced to IT support arrangements within the University. These changes form part of the Efficiency and Effectiveness Programme which is introducing new ways of working for us all.

This briefing information is intended for all staff and their managers. It summarises how these changes will affect you, and includes a quick guide on how to contact IT staff if you need help or assistance.

Please bring this to the attention of all who are likely to need IT support within your School or Department.

1        What’s New?

From 1st September the old “IT Services” department will be replaced by “Information Technology” – a new single department covering all IT support needs for the whole University. IT support previously provided by locally-employed staff in Schools and Departments will gradually transition over forthcoming months to instead be provided by IT. Each School and Department already has a named IT Business Partner to act as the focal point of contact for senior management discussion about IT service requirements and IT service planning. The IT Business Partners’ names are included in the contact details section below. During September and into October, as this is the start of a new and busy term, IT support will continue in Schools and Departments as it has done previously as the transition gradually takes effect.  Where IT support is provided locally, this will carry on being provided locally by your current team as other IT staff are brought in, training is provided, and knowledge and skills are shared and developed.

2        Who do I contact for IT assistance?

We want to make things as simple and straightforward as possible for everyone, so the contact details below are intended as a guide for all your IT needs. In order to ensure that a consistent service is provided to everyone we are introducing some standard processes for managing IT support. Where informal arrangements have been in place previously this will inevitably mean some changes to current working practices, but we want to ensure that we can provide the help you need when you need it. If you’re not sure who to contact there are only two points of contact you need to remember: 1.      IT Service Desk – Telephone 6262 The Service Desk is your main point of contact for all day-to-day enquiries, requests and fault reporting. Staff will either deal with your request directly or promptly allocate to the relevant specialist team(s) within IT. The Service Desk may also be contacted via IT’s Self-Service Portal using the web address below: This is available via the IT services page link on the main Staff Portal. NB. Our TEL/AV and Specialist User Support teams will plan to carry out scheduled visits to all main classrooms during the early part of each morning during term times to ensure that any failures are dealt with promptly. Details of these scheduled visits may be provided on request. 2.      Your IT Business Partner (see below) Your IT Business Partner is there for you to:

  • Establish professional relationships with IT
  • Discuss strategic IT developments
  • Work with Schools, services and IT to define the IT service level agreements
  • Advise on costs, benefits and risks associated with technology projects
  • Review the IT Strategy to ensure it meets the business needs of the University
  • Alert you to information about proposed changes and additions to IT services and applications


School/Service IT Business Partner(s) E-mail address

King Wong

SMPS Neil Blanchonnet

Jo Mortimer

FAHSS Jo Mortimer

Neil Blanchonnet

PCLS, SCFP,SBS & SAPD Claire Thompson

Ian Bland

HBS, Services King Wong

Claire Thompson

John Leary Director of Information Technology

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