Slow Logins Update 23rd March 2015

We would like to update you about the issues regarding slow logins. Over the last few months there have been a number of incidents relating to long login times particularly affecting centrally managed classroom and in lecture theatre PCs. These incidents have had a number of different causes, but as a result, IT are implementing a temporary fix to the way that the initial logon happens on lecture room PCs.

The outcome of this is:

  • “My Documents” will no longer redirect to the N drive automatically
  • The Desktop will no longer be personalised and will not contain what was last displayed
  • “My Documents” and the Desktop should not be used as locations to save material to on lecture room PCs
  • The N drive will still be accessible from the PC

In case of problems logging on then you should contact the IT Service Desk on ext 6262. IT would recommend that you store your presentation material in more than one location, such as storing and accessing your documents on a USB stick or as part of the relevant course or module on the Blackboard system.

This work does not affect computer lab machines, PCs in the Library or office machines.

This change is anticipated to be a short term workaround while additional work and developments are worked on to ensure that the problem does not recur and that full functionality can be restored.