UPDATE: Library Wi-Fi (performance increase)

We have been working over the break to improve the Wi-Fi service in the Library.  We discovered that there were multiple issues affecting performance, specifically to do with radio interference, and we have resolved the major problems in time for the start of term.  We will be continuing to work hard to get the other minor issues worked out.  As a result of our work, the Wi-Fi experience in the library appears to be much better and more stable, even at peak times (tested with 1k users around).

This means that the internet speed in the Library is almost back up to where it should be.  However, we ask that people using the Library refrain from using their mobile devices as a Wi-Fi hotspot as this was found to be another cause of reduced performance.  We understand that when the Library Wi-Fi was underperforming you may have been inclined to use your mobile device as a hotspot but now that the Library internet speed has increased, we ask that you use the Wi-Fi rather than your own hotspots.  It makes the Wi-Fi experience much better for everyone else in the Library and saves you data and battery life on your devices.

We will be providing regular updates on this issue in the future.  Check back here Monday or on our twitter for a further update on how we are improving the Wi-Fi experience at the University of Reading.