14:00 17/02/16 Increase in malicious spam emails – Please be vigilant!

Dear Colleagues,

We have recently seen an increase in malicious spam emails with attachments containing ‘ransomware’. This is very serious and if you open the attachment it can cause a lot of damage. We have taken measures to stop the download of this malicious software but would encourage you to be extra vigilant.

These emails are typically send from a ‘supplier’ and have an ‘invoice’ attachment but could be anything familiar to your working environment, e.g. HR related etc.  Please check the sender, and if in doubt, either confirm with the sender that the email is genuine or copy & paste the sender’s email address into Google to see if it is listed as spam email.

We would very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter. For more details please contact the IT Service Desk on 0118 378 6262.