After the installation and go live of a new Identity and Access Management (IdAM) system, known as Sailpoint IIQ, we were made aware of a number of issues around Outlook. Calendars were not displaying and the main Global Address List (GAL) was not displaying information about most users. Outlook Web Access (OWA) was unaffected.

This has come about after a change to a particular field in the main University authentication system that was not highlighted during the extensive testing that was carried out. It has taken considerable effort and time, working with support from Microsoft, to identify the cause and this was compounded by the inconsistent nature of the problem. We have now identified a fix that will be implemented today, 21st April 2016. Unfortunately this may take some time to flow through to Outlook due to the way that it stores and caches information.

We understand that this has been disruptive to many people and apologise for the problem and the length of time that it has taken to identify and implement a resolution. If you have any follow-up concerns or questions then please contact me by email. For general queries please contact the Service Desk on ext 6262 or via the Self-Service Portal

Anton Lawrence

Assistant Director, Applications Development & Support,

Information Technology, University of Reading


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