We are committed to making IT easier to use and our services more accessible to staff and students. Over the weekend we will be releasing improvements to the look and feel of our self service portal.

The IT Self Service Portal (TOPdesk) is the software we use to organise requests from staff and students (that they have regarding IT). It helps people log a request, follow its status and keep a record of results and feedback. It makes it easier for users to follow their interactions with IT and allows us to track analytics and improve our service.

The new look and feel of the IT Self Service Portal is more intuitive and more user friendly. Users logging requests and reporting incidents via TOPdesk will free up service desk time allowing them to resolve incidents faster. It is also more efficient for users to track their own incidents and requests via TOPdesk rather than contacting the Service Desk directly.

We would like to thank Luke Chapman for his hard work he has put into improving the IT Self Service Portal and ensuring the updates to TOPdesk meet our needs.

You can access the IT self service portal through the IT homepage.



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