An official email from a University of Reading project team was sent yesterday afternoon a little earlier than scheduled. As the email was prematurely released the branding and formatting was incomplete. Thank you for responding and letting us know your concerns about the email, it is good to see Staff aware of seemingly suspicious emails.

We have sought clarification from the Windows 10 Upgrade Team, this morning, who have confirmed that this is not a phishing email but a genuine request for further information.

The information requested in this email is required by the Windows 10 Upgrade Team and they have asked that you please follow the link to the Microsoft Forms page and provide this.  You will receive a further request for information from the team in due course, this will also be sent from Windows10 <>.

As always, if you have any concerns about any emails you receive or that you believe are suspicious, please do contact the Service Desk via or 6262.

Additionally, for tips on keeping yourself and your information safe online, visit the IT web pages on Cyber Security.