09:45 17/12/18 Critical Incident – Weekend/Monday disruption

UPDATE (15:45 18/12)

Email, AppsAnywhere and SMTP are now working.

  • Personal pages are down (https://www.personal.reading.ac.uk/)

Apart from the above, all services affected over the weekend are now back up.

UPDATE (14:00 18/12)

  • AppsAnywhere site is up, but apps cannot authenticate which makes them inaccessible.
  • Personal pages are down (https://www.personal.reading.ac.uk/ )
  • SMTP is down, meaning scanning to email is not working, and email cannot be sent from Linux systems such as the MET cluster.

UPDATE (11:15am)

Most  services have been restored.The only remaining services still affected are:

  • IIQ

We are currently discussing lessons learnt and how to minimise the impact of power outages in the future.

UPDATE (10:15am)

Our teams have been working on finding fixes and have restored a majority of services.

The updated list of affected services is:

  • TOPDesk
  • Apps Anywhere
  • IIQ

We are continuing to work on a fix for our IT Self Service Portal (TOPDesk) and will provide an update soon. We will most likely have TOPDesk and Apps Anywhere back up soon but IIQ may take a day to restore service.

We will also provide further details on the cause and, depending on the cause, provide plans for avoiding such disruption in the future.

We have had a significant amount of disruption over the weekend. This was as a result of some work dealing with a scheduled power outage in the Earley Gate data centre, but it interrupted our services in an unexpected way.

We apologise for any disruption this has caused and appreciate that this has been incredibly inconvenient.

We are continuing to see some service disruption this Monday morning and will look to remedy this as soon as we can. We will have a further update by 11am, please check back here or our twitter.

Below is a list of services that are still affected:

  • TOPdesk
  • Adelante
  • Agresso
  • Remedy
  • Comino
  • Apps Anywhere