UPDATE: The previously affected services are still running as normal. The services are still considered ‘at risk’ and we will be monitoring them this evening and tomorrow.

Last night at  we experienced a network issue that affected some University services.

All services were restored by 11:00pm and are fully operational but are considered ‘at risk’ while we monitor them.

Services affected:

  • UPP – tills, phones
  • Security – Coretech
  • Exams – running reports through SITS
  • Campus Commerce – Tills
  • Website
  • Mailman
  • External email

Why did this outage happen?

After the Network issues we experienced on 9thMay, we took steps to ensure availability throughout the exam period by effectively enforcing a change freeze as a short term solution. However, we agreed that we would have to schedule some down time immediately after the exam period to try and fix the bug properly by applying an update recommended and supported by our supplier.

Tonight, after 6pm, we scheduled that work with the supplier but unfortunately it did not fix the bug and caused a total network outage. We have therefore attempted to roll back again and services started to return at 22:30 after a lot of troubleshooting from our network team with the supplier.

Apologies to anyone effected tonight by this outage.