Cyber security threats can cause you to lose work or financial information but installing antivirus software can help avoid this.

Unless you forget to update it that is!

Luckily, University owned PCs and Macs have Sophos antivirus software installed and updated automatically by the IT department; but what about your personally owned devices?

See the IT Knowledge base article for further information on installing/updating to the latest free version of Sophos antivirus (available for Windows and Mac):

KB: Antivirus software for personally owned Windows PCs and Macs

Keeping Sophos up to date on your personal computer will help avoid the consequences of Cyber Security threats like Phishing and Removable Media.

What is Sophos?

Sophos is a University of Reading approved antivirus software.

Why do I need anti-virus software?

Just in the same way immunisation injections help your body fight off unwanted diseases, antivirus software keeps your computer and its digital contents more safe from cyber security threats.

Without antivirus software your computer could more easily get infected with a virus or malware program, install it today to reduce the chance of this happening.

Help keep your computer healthy!

Why do I need to update my antivirus?

University computers come with Sophos installed and are automatically updated centrally. However, Sophos on your personally owned devices must be updated manually.

To use the same analogy, the flu immunisation injection has to be updated often as the flu becomes more complex and resilient to previous methods of avoiding it. Cyber Security threats are getting larger and more advanced everyday and so antivirus must be updated regularly in order to keep up with these ever changing threats.