IT have been improving the Universities protection against phishing and spam, most recently with an enhanced e-mail protection feature to the University e-mail service. (called Zero-hour Auto Purge – ZAP!)

‘ZAP’ significantly reduces harmful emails making it into your inbox.

In order for this product to work, all users must have the default junk mail settings.

IT have made an automatic change to your Outlook. We ask that you do not change this setting from where it is. Doing so will make you more vulnerable to malicious emails.

We have changed the option Off to On.

This improvement comes directly from Staff requests in the IT Feedback Survey we conducted in 2018. Staff asked for a reduction into the amount of spam and phishing emails they received.

Protecting our staff from phishing and spam is one of the IT departments biggest priorities. Malicious emails you receive have the potential to make you lose work or financial details.

This new change will help us further reduce the impact of these malicious emails on the University of Reading community.