Spam email alert – “NEW VOICE MESSAGE”

We have been receiving reports of a recent spam email making it into University inboxes. The email claims that you have a voicemail and asks you to click on a link to listen to it. The message has the subject line “NEW VOICE MESSAGE”.

Do not open this email, click on any links or open any attachments as it could damage your work and computer and may make your private details vulnerable.

If you are concerned about this email or other similar emails then please call ex.6262 or go to

If you are a member of staff whose students are reporting this to you we strongly recommend that they change their password via the website.

If you go to you can reset your password; provided that you know your University Username, Student Number and PIN. These can be obtained by filling out the form at

For tips on keeping yourself and your information safe online, visit the IT web page on Cyber Security.