Storage issue

On the 19th of October we experienced an issue with our storage service which affected the following services:

  • N:Drives and Collaborative fileshares
  • Web sites, including blogs
  • Inbound email from off site (internal e-mail, and outgoing e-mail is unaffected)
  • Mailman lists

The supplier of the storage has identified a problem with their software which causes the system to intermittently fail which had led to the unpredictable, occasional outages we have been experiencing. Now we have identified the root cause of these outages we can move onto resolving the issue with supplier in order to improve resilience.


The supplier, Nexenta, are now working on a patch to fix the problem, which is currently being tested and will be available later in November. As soon as this update is available we will work with Nexenta to test and implement the update on our storage system. In the meantime we will continue to closely monitor the services. Until the full fix is available we have put in place a temporary work-around to help keep things running smoothly in the meantime.