Stream is a video streaming platform from Microsoft. It is available to all staff and students at the University through your Office365 account.

University of Reading staff members can use this to upload, store, play and share videos you have created (in the same way you can to YouTube). Students can use Stream to view any video content produced by members of staff at the University.

You can upload most video file formats, and videos can be shared with groups, channels, specific colleagues or the whole University.


Using Stream

There are 3 main methods of adding content to Stream:

  • You can upload video files directly to Stream from your device
  • As we continue to roll out the ability to record Teams Meetings, you can use this functionality to record your meetings and this will be automatically saved in Stream. The recording will also be sent to you as an attachment.
  • Whilst delivering a PowerPoint presentation, you can record a voiceover to the presentation and then export the presentation to Stream.

Our helpful colleagues in CQSD TEL have put together a webpage with a wealth of information about using Stream, how to check your settings, and share your content.

It is important to remember that any content uploaded to Stream can be shared with your colleagues, your channels or your groups, but also with the whole of the University of Reading. Please do make sure to check your “Settings Permissions” before uploading your content.


Need help?

Our friendly staff are always here to help if you need guidance with Microsoft Teams. Contact the IT Service Desk using the IT Self Service Portal or emailing