Poster saying We are saving energy with a snowy background, presents and computer equipment

We’re making the effort to switch off unused equipment all around the University to save energy. We’re all being asked to do our bit by turning off lights and non-essential equipment while you are away; see Be a Scrooge to help save energy this Christmas on the Staff Portal.  Switching electrical items off reduces energy wastage, as devices left on standby use around 15-20% of their usual energy consumption

Switch the PC on when you need it, and switch it off when you don’t

Over the Christmas holiday period DTS are doing our bit by switching off the PCs and monitors in the PC Labs (list here), rather than leaving them on standby. Therefore, if you are using a one of our PCs, you’ll need to use the physical power buttons to switch the PC on and turn the monitor on. 

Remember to switch off again when you leave!

Help and assistance

If you experience any issues, please contact the DTS Service Desk via the IT Self Service Portal or call 6262 (Teams) or 0118 378 6262 (mobile).

Note the IT Service Desk telephone line is closed 22nd December to 2nd January as per University closure dates.