Take another look at LinkedIn Learning

Have you struggled to remember how to set up a mail merge in Word, pivot tables in Excel, or automated rules to manage your emails in Outlook? Would you like to expand your knowledge of the functionality available in Microsoft Teams, or set up a Form to capture information or for surveys?Linked In Learning logo

Did you know? LinkedIn Learning is available for free for both staff and students by signing in with your University credentials.

You can access courses about:

  • Microsoft tools: Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, at beginner and more advanced levels
  • Curriculum applications: such as Matlab, EndNote and NVivo
  • General digital skills: Cyber Security and Digital Productivity

The training from LinkedIn Learning comes from subject matter experts, delivered in bite-size, easy to navigate, video tutorials. Go at your own pace, try exercises to consolidate what you’ve learnt and incorporate new techniques and productivity tips into your day-to-day work.

You can also explore:

Professional certification

Achieve certification from Atalassian and Adobe Creative Cloud, which have been added to the existing Microsoft, Cisco and AWS certification courses.

A selection of logos of technical companies, sucj as Microsoft and AWS.

Certification Preparation

LinkedIn Learning offers courses and learning paths taught by experts in their fields to prepare you to take technical and business certification exams from CompTIA, Microsoft, AWS, (ISC)2, Six Sigma, and other leading providers.

Coding practice

Advance your skills through hands-on learning. LinkedIn Learning offers Code Challenges courses powered by CoderPad and courses integrated with GitHub Codespaces so that you can learn today’s top programming languages through expert instruction combined with real-time practice in a coding environment.

Top 10 LinkedIn Learning courses of 2023

The courses taken at University of Reading in 2023 shows a significant interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is similar to that in other universities. Plus it looks like everyone needs help with Excel!

Higher Education Top 10 University of Reading Top 10
1 Microsoft Excel Excel Essential Training (Microsoft 365)
2 Python (Programming Language) Build a Career for Positive Social Impact
3 Project Management How to Research & Write Using Generative AI Tools
4 AI for Business Speaking Confidently and Effectively
5 Artificial Intelligence Communicating Culturally Sensitive Issues
6 Data Analysis Power BI Essential Training
7 Career Management Advanced Power BI
8 Public Speaking Python Quick Start
9 Interpersonal Communication Time Management Fundamentals
10 Generative AI Project Management Foundations

What’s new for LinkedIn Learning in 2024?

Some of the new courses coming in time for Easter this year include:

  • Learning to Unlearn: A Revolutionary Way to Disrupt Bias
  • How to Create Great Customer Experiences
  • Facilitating a Collaborative Strategic Planning Session
  • Generative AI for Data Engineers
  • Python Automation and Testing
  • Advanced AI: Text-to-Image Generation
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Building the Web

In addition, LinkedIn have added “AI-powered coaching” this year, where you can ask questions about workplace challenges and receive advice, feedback, and recommendations for training from the LinkedIn Learning library.

Further information and contact

We have detailed instructions for getting started on our webpage (staff and students).

We have also curated a selection of courses, see Digital Skills for Staff.

If you are a student and want to know more, please check out LinkedIn Learning courses to support your career journey.

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