Updates from the Device Lifecycle Team

Laptops due to be replaced in 2024

Laptops bought in 2020 are eligible for replacement this year. 

Image showing a computer with the words device lifecycle printed across the middle. An arrow encircles the computer to represent a circular process.

If you are using a 2020 device, please contact the Device Lifecycle Management team for more details about upgrading to a newer model free of charge to your department.  

The Device Lifecycle programme delivers a personalised 121 deskside set-up service which provides your new device, a docking station (if required), any necessary cables and a carrying case for your laptop.   

For more information about the Device Lifecycle programme, please check our Device Lifecycle webpage. 

Return of old equipment


A reminder that old equipment which has been replaced as part of the Device Lifecycle programme cannot remain in use.    

Funds for this replacement project are provided centrally by the University  for DTS to standardise and ensure that everyone is working with one suitable, up to date, secure device.

Older devices, once replaced, must be returned for disposal, recycling or reuse.  In general, we can re-use Surfaces but anything else (e.g. desktops, Toshiba/Dell laptops, old Macs) will need to be disposed of.

Current IT disposal information is on the Sustainability website.A pile of old computers ready for disposal

A new disposal process which will have all costs covered by DTS is currently being trialled and more details on this will follow soon.   

Further information 

If you have any questions, please contact the Device Lifecycle Management team.