The Network

The network, Languages and international NGOs: cultural knowledge in communities in crisis (LINGOS) brings together linguists, international relations specialists, NGOs and professional interpreters/translators in order to:

  1. enable the four groups to focus together on the specific issue of languages and international NGOs, and the role of local intermediaries;
  2. identify the current gaps in research and praxis around this issue;
  3. develop a series of key research questions related to these gaps in order to advance future work in the area;
  4. argue for the salience of this research agenda in the wider NGO community, and with relevant government agencies.

The Network comprises:

  • language researchers working on the role of languages in conflict situations
  • international relations researchers with a particular interest in the work of humanitarian organisations
  • NGOs and humanitarian agencies which operate internationally
  • professional interpreters and translators with a particular concern for the employment and security of locally recruited personnel.
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