Postgraduate Study Trip to Geneva, 2013

With the generous support of the John Sherborne Foundation, the Law School once again offered a study trip for post-graduate students to visit the international institutions in Geneva. Twenty students from a wide variety of Masters courses offered by the School participated in the three day trip. The institutions visited included the EU Delegation to the UN, the United Nations, the UK Mission to the UN, the Advisory Centre on WTO Law, the World Trade Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

As ever, the students thoroughly enjoyed their time in Geneva, benefitting from presentations from and discussions with practitioners in the different institutions. The trip also provided students with the opportunity to engage with fellow post-graduates studying in different areas of law.

The 2013 trip saw some goodbyes to those who have been long-standing supporters of the trip during its life-span. Frieder Roessler, Director of the ACWL, and Phil Tissot, UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN and other International Organisations in Geneva, retire this year, making the 2013 trip the last group to benefit from their input. The Law School would like to thank both for their generosity in meeting each year with our students. We wish them both well for the future.