New Journal and launch event

Europe and the World – A Law Review is a new open access journal published by UCL Press and co-edited by GLAR’s Dr Anne Thies (along with Professor Christina Eckes (University of Amsterdam) and Professor Piet Eeckhout (UCL)).

A major launch event for the journal, featuring a keynote speech by Professor Miguel Poiares Maduro (European University Institute) is taking place on Monday 19 June 2017, 18:00 – 19:00 at the UCL Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT.

Europe and the World – A Law Review aims to contribute to legal scholarship on the place of Europe in the world, with a particular but by no means exclusive focus on the EU’s external relations law. The journal serves as a forum where the national, international and EU perspectives meet and engage. The journal is therefore irreverent of traditional distinctions between EU, international, and national law. While primarily offering legal doctrinal and theoretical analyses, the journal also publishes multi-disciplinary work and political science and international relations contributions with an external perspective on the law of EU’s external relations.

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