Executive Course on International Law in Cyberspace

In March 2021 Professor Mike Schmitt co-directed the year’s first Executive Course on International Law in Cyberspace for government officials from throughout the Caribbean region. The course, certified by the University of Reading’s School of Law as Executive Education, takes a deep look at how international law governs cyber operations conducted by states, as well as by non-State actors ranging from terrorist groups to “patriotic hackers”. It addresses the law applying in both peacetime and armed conflict. This course was part of a program launched last year to train government officials on international cyber law. In addition to the Executive Course, a 7-day course on International Human Rights and Cyberspace is also available, the first of which was delivered early this year to government officials from throughout Southeast Asia. The courses are sponsored by individual countries. Additional courses will be offered around the world during 2021, all for officials with a cyber portfolio.

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