Dr Peter Coe on Media Freedom in the Age of Citizen Journalism

Peter CoeDr Peter Coe has given talks on his book, Media Freedom in the Age of Citizen Journalism, at the University Cambridge’s Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law, and at the University of Essex’s TechLaw Research Cluster. The official launch of his book will take place virtually at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies’ Information Law and Policy Centre, University of London, on the 11th of May at 9am. As it is a panel session, Peter will be joined by Professor Paul Wragg and Rebecca Moosavian from the University of Leeds, Professor David Rolph from the University of Sydney, Professor Andras Koltay, who is the President of the Hungarian Communication and Media Authority, and Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana, who is Head of Regulation of IMPRESS. For further details on the event, and on how to register, see: ILPC Seminar Series: Media Freedom in the Age of Citizen Journalism Book Launch | IALS (sas.ac.uk)

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