Bracing Scarcity: Can NFTs Save Digital Art? with Dr Lital Helman

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20th June 2023, 12:00 – 13:00

Online via Teams – Book your free place here

Presentation Topic

This paper analyses the markets for digital artworks and shows that NFTs could potentially address the most pressing and long-lasting dilemma of art and the digital world: how to maintain the incentive to create digital art without overshadowing the big promise of the internet—to maximize access to content. This incentive-access friction was so far perceived as a necessary trade-off in copyright theory, and the internet presented a powerful manifestation of it. It has become a truism: the more enhanced the access to works has become online, the less likely artists were to benefit from their works. Everyone had to pick a side or draw the line somewhere on this incentive-access continuum.


Dr Lital Helman is a Senior Lecturer at the Ono Academic College Faculty of Law in Israel. Her research focuses on Intellectual Property Law and Law and Technology. Dr Helman holds an S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science) degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, which she pursued as a J. William Fulbright scholar. She also served as a Fellow with the Kernochan Center at Columbia University Law School and with the Engelberg Center at New York University School of Law.  Dr Helman is also responsible for developing policies on IP and law and technology at the Israeli Ministry of Justice, and is co-founder and board member of, an AI-driven platform for international students worldwide.



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