Ruvi at the Lib Dem Spring Conference in York

Ruvi Ziegler spent the weekend at the Lib Dem Spring Conference in York where he participated fully.

Ruvi Ziegler at the Lib Dem Spring Conference

Ruvi proposed an amendment to a foreign policy motion, which conference adopted, to make firm commitments to resettlement (including of unaccompanied minors), to the establishment of humanitarian visas with applications from outside the UK, and to ensuring rapid humanitarian responses to displacement from conflicts globally in line with the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ and Ukrainian family visa schemes. The motion (post and pre amendment) is available here. Listen to Ruvi’s conference speech proposing the amendment below.


Rwanda debate - Ruvi

Ruvi also spoke at a debate on the emergency motion ‘Beyond Rwanda: A Fairer way towards Asylum‘. The motion was adopted unanimously.


Click on the link below to listen to Ruvi addressing conference during the debate.

Finally, Ruvi spoke alongside Emily Graham from ‘Safe Passage’ at a fringe meeting of ‘Liberal Democrats for Seekers of Sanctuary’ about the need for ‘safe and legal routes’ to asylum in the UK and other responses to recent legislation, particularly the Nationality and Borders Act and the Illegal Migration Act.

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