Reporting harassment (including homophobia, biphobia and transphobia)

I wanted to make everyone aware of two important support networks that have been in place at the University for a number of years. The Harassment Adviser and HARC Adviser networks are members of staff who have volunteered to undertake these important roles. They have received specific training and provide informal and confidential support. They will listen to an individual’s concerns and may encourage them to seek more specialist advice and support from others.

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Harassment Adviser network

Harassment Advisers provide support to staff and students at the University who believe they are experiencing harassment and bullying in any form, for example due to their sexual orientation or gender identification.

Essentially, they act as a neutral and impartial Adviser and support individuals through the informal resolution of their difficulties. They treat allegations seriously and will consider the perception of the individual raising the allegations.

Further details can be found by clicking here including the Harassment Adviser profiles and contact list.


Health, Advocacy, Respect and Care (HARC) Adviser network

HARC Advisers provide more general support to staff at the University who feel they need someone to talk to but are unable to approach a colleague or line manager. For example, this could be someone who is feeling stressed or anxious, or someone who is new to the University and is unsure where to turn to for advice.

Further details can be found by clicking here including the HARC Adviser profiles and contact list.

If you would like to find out more about these networks please contact Alan Twyford, HR Partner on x8755.