Alternative study spaces during Library refurbishment

Image of refurbished University Library surrounded by seating, trees and hedges.Our Library has begun its £40 million transformation into a state-of-the-art centre for learning and development. Key improvements will be the creation of extra space for individual and group study, enhanced borrowing and lending services, better access and building security, and a significant reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions.

We’re taking measures to minimise disruption wherever possible – the Library will stay open for the entire refurbishment project, and all books will remain available inside the building.

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A project of this scale means that noisy works will be unavoidable at times. The loudest phases of work will cease by 10:00am, but there may be times where sound may carry across various parts of the building. Library staff will be able to advise on noisy works on a day-to-day basis

As a precaution, the University has identified alternative areas across our Whiteknights and London Road campuses that should be available during the autumn term for quiet study (subject to teaching timetabling and departmental use).

Do I really need to leave the Library? 

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Try alternatives if you can hear noise on the other side of hoarding walls

If you encounter noise inside the Library, there are several things you could try first before choosing to relocate. The University and RUSU advise the following:

  1. Move desks or floors: Many areas within the Library will remain quiet even when work is being carried out. You may find that moving to an area in the opposite direction of noise or to a different floor will be much quieter and easier to work in. Ask our Library staff for recommendations on where to go.
  2. Close any nearby windows: Work taking place on another floor may sound much closer if windows are left open – something as simple as closing a window can make a huge difference to how far sound travels.
  3. Take a break: Use noisy outbursts as an opportunity to take a break – you may find that noisy work has stopped by the time you return to your studies. Being hungry or thirsty can also affect your concentration, making you more susceptible to distractions – grab a snack and take a few minutes out!
  4. Adjust your study routine: Altering the time you use the Library to study may make a difference too. Instead of visiting during the afternoon for instance, why not alter your routine so that you use the Library in the evening instead?

Try experimenting with different tactics first before choosing to study in an alternative location – relatively small changes can make a real difference to your study experience.

List of alternative spaces

A list of alternative space has been prepared to highlight rooms available for quiet study.  Please check details given alongside each room in case any conditions apply. Locations featured on the list can be checked against our Whiteknights and London Road campus maps.

You may also find our live list of available PCS helpful in choosing where to study.

Introducing Study@TOB2

Brought to you in conjunction with RUSU, The Study@TOB2 is a brand new area created within the converted music practice rooms in TOB 2, Earley Gate.

The Study@TOB2 provides an additional 64 spaces for individual and group study. The study area includes a printer, full Wi-Fi and plenty of plugs for laptops. The study area is very convenient for students based at Bridges and Wessex Halls, as well as those studying in TOBs 1 and 2, Harry Pitt, Agriculture, Psychology and Meteorology. Access is open to all registered students holding a campus card.

Please see RUSU’s guide to The Study@TOB2 for further details.

Don’t forget that in addition to The Study@TOB2 RUSU also provide extra space at The Study, which is situated behind the Students’ Union building near Car Park 4.

Free Room Finder

Need to find a room quickly? UoR has created Free Room Finder, a handy website that provides details of rooms suitable for quiet study available for immediate use by students for ad-hoc study activities. Simply choose the area of campus you wish to search in and let the finder do the rest.

Treatment of spaces

We are sure you already do this, but if you choose to use another part of the University for your studies, please be sure to treat each space with respect.

Spaces within each building will be available on a first-come first-served basis; however, priority will be given to students wanting to use alternative study space within their subject-area building. So, for example, a Classics student will have priority over a Biological Sciences student wanting to use a Classics space within the HumSS building on a particularly busy day.

As the autumn term is underway, don’t forget that some of these areas may be used for teaching or other departmental needs at certain times.

Please read our Classroom Rules before using any of the rooms suggested.

If you encounter problems when using any of the alternative study spaces you may report these to the Library at who will refer the issue on to the School/Department or other manager of the space.

Further information on our Library refurbishment project

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