Library refurbishment works: up to 10 April

Image of refurbished University Library surrounded by seating, trees and hedges.Until 10 April the following construction/internal work is expected to be carried out on the Library Building:

  • Re-cladding the outside: Work around the outside of the Library continues as our contractors focus on re-cladding the Library’s exterior. These works involve drilling and so may be noisy – details of alternative study space are available on the Library Refurbishment Project page.
  • Ground works: Ground works continue around the perimeter of the Library.
  • Internal works:
    • Activity will continue around the staircase enclosed behind the white hoardings.
    • After the end of term, furniture will start moving into the URS Building. See our study furniture pack-up itinerary post for details.

For details of alternative spaces and the latest project news, please visit our Library Refurbishment Project page:

Rachel Redrup, Library Marketing Co-ordinator for University Communications