Study furniture pack-up: remember alternative space

Please be aware that contractors are packing up study Library furniture from some floors in order to reassemble it in the URS Building, ready for opening on 18 April. As study spaces in the Library building gradually reduce over the Easter vacation, please remember you can find campus study space beyond the Library listed on the Library Refurbishment Project page. This includes a list of spaces, the Free Room Finder and information about RUSU’s The Study and The Study@TOB2.

Study space within Library

If you wish to study within the Library, please note reduced availability of study space UNTIL MIDNIGHT, 11 APRIL 2017.

At times the main stairs may be cordoned off for your safety, whilst removers carry down large pieces. They may also requisition one lift. Please take care. The lift lobby, other lifts and other stairs will remain available.

The Library – with the rest of the University – will be closed for the University Easter closure, 12-17 April. On 18 April, the Library reopens for access to resources at 09:00, the URS Building opens for study space and services at 08:30.

Rachel Redrup, Library Marketing Co-ordinator