UoR Staff! Suggest titles to diversify stock

Drawing of books piled up and swathed in chainsThe Library is now opening up to UoR staff the chance to suggest books, DVDs or CDs to help Library collections support a more diverse curriculum. Students were given first choice in March to celebrate RUSU’s ‘Liberate my curriculum’ conference. But hurry, the deadline is 30 April 2017.

Would you like more on your specialism representing more ethnic or LBGT groups or geographical areas? Complete our new Diversify my curriculum suggestion form to help us spend a special £1,000 fund, over and above resources supporting existing reading lists.

It’s great if you can suggest specific titles, but we still want to hear from you where you feel we just need more in a certain area. For example:

  • [name] is underrepresented in your collection, can you buy more of her novels/poetry?
  • I would like more books on the construction industry in Africa – are there any that can be bought?
  • there aren’t any books on the history/political situation in [country]
  • can you purchase some more books on LBGT issues in higher education?

Your subject Liaison Librarian will be dealing with your suggestions. She or he can also help you with other Library matters, including queries about items on reading lists.

If you would like to suggest other items for the Library, please complete our regular book suggestion form.

Rachel Redrup, Marketing Co-ordinator
for Helen Hathaway, Associate Director (Academic Liaison and Support)