MyiLibrary migration – save your notes now!

On 28th March 2018, the MyiLibrary e-book platform will be closing and all of its content will be moving to Ebook Central.

Saving your notesA closeup of an e-book on an e-reader

You will still be able to annotate e-books on Ebook Central, but any annotations you have made on the MyiLibrary platform will not automatically be moved over. You will lose any bookmarks or highlighting you have added, however you will be able to preserve your notes before the platform closes. ProQuest have provided us with instructions on how to do this, which you can view here. You may also wish to print out your bookshelf as this will make it easier to locate the books you require on the new platform.

Some features of Ebook Central

You will be able to download E-book Central e-books for a limited time period using the free Adobe Digital Editions software.

You will also be able to download e-book chapters as simple PDFs which can be read using the free Adobe Reader software and saved to your device.

Up to 40% of an e-book can be printed or downloaded in chapters, and up to 20% of an e-book can be copied. The exact pages available for you to print/download or copy will be displayed in each e-book.

To find out more about Ebook Central, take a look at ProQuest’s Ebook Central LibGuide.

If you have any questions or problems locating the content you need on Ebook Central, please get in touch with us by submitting a problem report form.

Sophie Dorman, E-resources Team