The hold shelf has changed

The Hold Shelf has changed to make it easier for you to find your items. Holds are now organised by Call Number. To find your hold, go to the Hold Shelf in the Course Collection area in Library@URS and look for the Call Number. You can disregard any prefix to the Call Number as all sizes of books will be shelved together.

For information on how to place a hold, watch our short video.

Tips for finding your hold!

  • Not sure of the Call Number? It will be included at the bottom of the email you will receive when an item is ready for collection.
  • If there are multiple copies of the same book on the shelf, you will need to locate the copy with your User ID (on the bottom right of your campus card).
  • All items must be borrowed using the self-service machine before leaving the Course Collection area.
  • Remember you have 5 days to collect your available holds

Requested an item from Store or Closed Access?

Loanable items requested from Store or Closed Access will also be easier to locate, these items will be shelved in Call Number order in the new ‘Requests’ section of the Hold Shelf.

Call Numbers of all Store and Closed Access requests are included in the notification email which is sent when an item is available.

If you have any questions or need help finding your hold please come and ask us for assistance at the Information Desk in Library@URS.

Katie Moore, Trainee Liaison Librarian