What have you watched? Kanopy in 2018/19

This term the Library purchased access to the Kanopy Video Streaming service – it’s a huge collection of online videos including documentaries, films, and instructional videos. You can watch Kanopy videos online, on- and off-campus, and they’re all accessible through the Library here: https://www.reading.ac.uk/library/eresources/image-sound/lib-kanopy.aspx

What have you been watching?

Since the start of Spring Term, 874 of you have watched a total of 247 hours of content – mostly on Sunday or Monday nights… we won’t ask why!

Most Popular Films

These are the top 5 films that you’ve been watching, and their summary from Kanopy.

  1. Tongues Untied
    Marlon Riggs’ essay film TONGUES UNTIED gives voice to communities of black gay men, presenting their cultures and perspectives on the world as they confront racism, homophobia, and marginalization.
  2. L’avventura
    An iconic piece of challenging 1960’s cinema and a gripping narrative on its own terms, L’AVVENTURA concerns the enigmatic disappearance of a young woman during a yachting trip off the coast of Sicily.
  3. Stars
    Stationed in a secluded Bulgarian village in 1943, Walter, an artist and sergeant in the Wehrmacht, lives an almost idyllic life far away from the war. Then one day a transit camp is set up for Jews arriving from Greece.
  4. Definite Articles and Nouns
    Learn the gender of Spanish nouns by practicing each new noun with its masculine or feminine definite article.
  5. Type Hunters
    This film plunges us into the “typographic cauldron” of the great modern metropolis.

What else will you discover?

There’s a wide range of films available, as you can see from the list above. Take a look for yourself! You can browse by subject or topic, or search for a filmmaker or subject area to see what Kanopy has to offer.

Kim Coles, Liaison Team Manager