In addition to having good study habits, we also need to manage our inner world to prepare well for exams. It is helpful to understand our emotions and keep in mind what we value to keep us focused on what matters most. Maintain a routine to manage your time and energy level. It will help strengthen your capacity to deal with the pressure and the uncertainty of how things will turn out.

Tips to maintain motivation and keep well during the exam period:

Prepare your mindset: When your thoughts run ahead, focusing on possible adverse outcomes, bring your attention back to the present. Often, our expectations increase tension – “it is too difficult”, “I cannot do well enough”, etc.  Instead, keep in mind you are capable of learning and view difficulties as challenges that can be overcome. Break the tasks down into small steps and work on one step at a time.

Focus on learning: rather than thinking about results, be curious about what you are learning. It will help to increase concentration and help to maintain motivation.

Plan to revise each day. If you miss a day, get started soon as you can, even if you only do 10 minutes, and continue revising the next day. Remind yourself that it is a challenge and that what counts is to keep going. Regular practice boost confidence in our skills. 

Create a daily routine: identify a flexible pattern that includes periods of focused time and insert short breaks. Allow time to look after yourself: maintain healthy habits to keep well so that you have the strength to persevere with your efforts. 

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Move from intention to action: we often have the intention of starting our work to only be distracted from it by something that seems more interesting or less difficult. To follow through with intentions, we need to have a clear plan of the next steps we need to take – as if we could view a “how-to” video. Once we know what we need to do, we can focus our attention to persevere with our efforts.