In this space you will find screencasts on topics that have been covered in the talks, and that we have been writing about in the blog

About the Life Tools programme
This screencast provides a brief description of the programme.

Managing procrastination
If you are finding it difficult to get started/complete an assignment, or revise for a test check this screencast where you will find information on ways to stop delaying tasks, and make progress with your work.

Managing exam stress
It can be challenging to manage tension during revision for exams. Experiencing symptoms of stress is a normal response when feeling under pressure, particularly when we care about doing well. In this screencast you will find information on ways of managing the pressure and allow you to maintain your energy level to manage the challenge while maintaining your health.

Increasing concentration and memory 
If you find that you get easily distracted, and have difficulty to concentrate on the material you are learning, this screencast will provide you with some strategies to increase your ability to focus and remember the content you are working on.

Getting a good night’s sleep
We all can experience some difficulties sleeping from time to time. This screencast provides introductory information to understanding sleep, and some strategies to improve your sleep. Some tips look simple, although you are likely to know about them it can be challenging to apply them consistently.

Here is a bodyscan exercise by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Stress and health
During busy times in the academic year it is likely that you may experience symptoms of stress. This screencast provides some information to understand the body’s reactions due to increased pressure, and it provides some strategies to manage the symptoms and reduce tension. The strategies, like those to manage sleep, are most beneficial when practised regularly.