Enterprise face lift

Don’t be surprised if you noticed that Enterprise is looking slightly different. It has been given a face lift with a more vibrant look.

But rest assured that all features are still there. You can still search for your books, resources and check your account.

Tell us what you think.

Closed on 17 Jun

The LRC will be closed on 17 Jun, Friday. This is to facilitate carpet vacuuming and shampooing which is done annually. The entire process will take 2 days to complete ie. Friday and Saturday.

We will resume normal operating hours on 20 Jun, Monday with a refreshed floor space.


If you have a book or books to give away, you may drop them off at the Book Exchange Corner. You’ll never know who might benefit from your contributions. At the same time you might just pick up a good read for yourself. Let’s all share and prolong the sustainability of these books.

At the LRC, there are also old edition titles for sale at a very low price. The full list is available at the same corner.

Hari Raya break

We are closed on 2 May, Monday due to Labour Day and 3 – 5 May, Tuesday to Thursday in conjunction with Hari Raya Celebrations.

Operations will resume on 6 May, Friday.

The LRC wishes all a happy and safe celebration over the long weekend.

Staying Safe

As you visit and utilize the facilities at the LRC, please stay safe by observing the recommended SOP for prevention/spreading of the Covid-19 virus.

Use the sanitizers available at the following points, before and after using the facilities:

  • Self-check machines
  • Photocopier
  • PC room
  • Counter area

Only sit at designated areas and not move furniture around. Keep your distance and always wear a mask for your own safety and the people around you.

Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

Year End Break 2021

The year will be coming to a close soon. And so it’s time to take a well deserved break. The LRC will be closed on

24 Dec to 28 Dec 2021.

We will resume operation on 29 Dec 21 and usher in a brand new year.

May you have a sweet Christmas weekend.



Welcome Back come 15 Oct

After a long lock-down, the Campus will re-open and so will the LRC on 15 Oct 2021.


Before you rush to the Campus please check that you have fulfill the requirements such as being fully-vaccinated. Click here for further information.


If you have loans with the LRC, take note that automatic renewal will no longer apply. Please ensure you return the books or renew them on-line. If you need assistance please contact us at lrc@reading.edu.my


For the safety and comfort of everyone please ensure you comply with the University guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and wearing a mask properly. You are also required to use earphones if you are attending virtual classes to minimise distractions on other LRC users.

Summon upgrade 29 to 30 May

Summon will be undertaking some updates that will result in system downtime for up to 24 hours from 09:00 Saturday 29 May to 09:00 Sunday 30 May.

This means that Summon will be available for searching, but some of the links may be unavailable.

If you have been planning to use Summon for research the weekend of the 29- 30 May, we would recommend downloading any articles or chapters you will need from Summon before the outage, so that your studies are not impacted.



MCO 3.0 and due dates

Please note that all loans due within the MCO 3.0 period until 7 Jun will be automatically extended to 8 Jun.

To verify please check your account in Enterprise. Should you have any enquiries please email us at lrc@reading.edu.my