A few last words…

I’ve just been sent a couple of pictures of the backfilling by local volunteer Bill Laing, who took our aerial photographs with the helicopter drone.


Metal detecting the spoil as it goes back in is a useful exercise – the spoil heap gets so large during excavation that anything from the topsoil that ended up in the very middle of the heap wont be found until backfilling. David Holman helps us out with finding any metal work that was out of context.

It’s rather strange to see the trench where we worked so hard for six weeks filled in!


The important thing is to get the deepest holes compacted properly – the weight of the machine helps a lot here. David keeps up the metal-detecting in the middle of the trench!

Re-seeding will take place and the fence will stay up to protect the new grass for a few more weeks, but soon you’ll hardly be able to tell an excavation took place here at all.


A lovely day for backfilling the trench!

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2 Responses to A few last words…

  1. Helen Knox says:

    Goodbye trench!

  2. ajith says:

    Good bye to my deepest pit which took me 2 weeks to complete…

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